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Originally Posted by vexXed View Post
Kinda pointless seeing as you are all in the States or Canada, but if by some miracle 'Trade Winds' by Cairngorm brewery in Scotland is exported to you guys, you must try it... def one of my favourite ales of all time. 'London Pride' by Fullers is a popular choice, and apparently 'Belhaven 90 shilling' is the shizz at 8ish %, but it's only available during winter.

Another one to try was gooseberry beer... so... good...
i like the beers over there in short bursts, but cask ales tend not to have the taste that a well crafted micro brew, Belgian, or German beer do.

London Pride is well worth a stop in a pub, however.

Originally Posted by Storm in a Teacup View Post
I'm a big fan of Hoegaarden.
Originally Posted by Dykhuis26 View Post
Ha! yeah, but Corona without lime tastes like crap. Hoegaarden can stand alone without it.
In California I see people putting Amaretto in Corona and walking around with a red beer.
i'm not a huge fan of Hoegaarden, but it has its spot. when you get into the Belgian beers (fun fact: Philadelphia consumes more Belgian beer than any other city in the world outside of Belgium) there are better options, IMO.

i will also note that spitting on the fruit is a bit silly... steak can stand on its own without seasoning, but the seasoning can be nice. Blue Moon, for example, is fantastic with a orange slice thrown in there.

as far as Corona... throw a shot of Bicardi Limon into a bottle and you got yourself a "diver down." only problem with this drink is that you're hammered in about an hour.

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