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03-29-2004, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Brisson11
I've been playing this hockey pool all season, and trust me it gets intense and interesting. You can be last place and still catch the top guy in no time. There are many tricks(if you can call them that) I've learned and used in this pool, so for you first timers, don't get frustrated if you don't do well in the beginning of the playoff hockey pool, you'll get the hang of it. Read how the scoring system works, and observe who gets more points in a game(hint, hint :p ) and try to focus your money a bit more on those player positions.

I've never played this pool for playoffs, but in the regular season you get 2 trades a week to work with... and for the cheap guys who suck, they can purchase more trades for about a dollar a trade :p .

P.S. Perfect_Gravity do you know how the trades system will work in the playoffs? ie. how many trades do you receive a week; after each round, do you get a chance to trade the guys you have who did not advance to the second round of playoffs?

All I know is that it says 10 trades to start, aftyer that I don't know. Maybe 2 per week like in the regular season???

I played this once last year in the regular season, but I kinda sucked

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