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11-18-2007, 06:22 PM
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shooting or constant pain down the leg and into the calf, numbness in the lower leg, shooting pain from the lower back that wraps around and into the groin area? Kind of feels like getting kicked right in the crotch...been there.

got pinned to a machine by a forktruck backing thru a doorway. Ended up with herniated L3,4 and 5 as well as at the S1. I was very fortunate that the injury was "minor" in comparison to what could have happened.

If you have not had x-ray, at the very least, to determine any impingement, therapies would be ill advised. IF there is swelling in the lower lumbar region that flattens the lumbar curve, impingement at the s1 level can be increased. Some physios will attempt to turn the shoulders while keeping the hips neutral. IF your not physically ready for this, your condition could be much worsened.

After seeing an orthopedic who specialized in spinal injury, rest and anti-inflammatory were the prescription for the first 4 months. Mind you I went from paralyzed from the waist down for 10 days to a full recovery a bit less than a year and a half later.

Once I was able to, chiropractic and pilates:balanced body(recommended by the spinal specialist: Timothy Cowan:ECMC spinal care unit) I have been pain free since.
The chiropractic was to keep alignment while the pilates built my core strength to be able to hold it all together. After about 20 hours of the pilates, chiropractic was ended. This is not the mat work pilates you come across at the Y or other gyms. You would have to locate a pilates center near you, if there is one.

It is very normal to have pain that decreases as you get moving in the morning. I take it that the pain decreases as you become active and loosen up? IF idle for a time such as at lunch, do you stiffen back up and have the reaccurance of pain? I was in that boat about 6 months into my recovery. That is about when chiropractices and Pilates began. Walking was also a great part of the recovery process. Avoid impact type activities such as jogging until cleared.

IF there is swelling of the lower lumbar region, ice 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. If not you can add moist heat as much as you like. A damp towel microwaved and then wrapped in a dry towel is a great way to do this cheaply. With swelling present, increased blood flow from heat can increase pressure on and pain from the sciatic. The iceyhot patches will also help. Talk to your doctor about KETOPROPHEN, an outstanding anti-inflammatory, pain killer that used to be sold OTC under the name ORUDIS KT. IT worked better for me than any of the pain killers or relaxants prescribed.

my morning routine would be a hot soak and gentle stretching along with the ketoprophen just before bed.

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