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03-29-2004, 06:44 PM
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Henderson did more than call it "poor sportsmanship." Paul manages to insult an entire city and organization.

Ooh, too bad. No low road from Bob Clarke on this one.

I think you ask too much. According to the prescedent you expect from Clarke, it would take ten volumes of conditions and three pardons from the Pope before any of us could pass judgement on anybody else. Thirty years? Henderson was out of line (for what it's worth, I recall him apologizing, although I couldn't find a link to an article verifying it).

Stick to the topic at hand: Neil and Chara went after two guys who would no more be confused with fighting than would Oscar the Grouch with cocaine trafficing (although he does spend a lot of time in his can and out of sight). I thought it was poor judgement then but I don't think it's fair to judge them or Jacques Martin or anybody else from now on based on that one decision. It happened and it's over with. I don't see what's so upsetting or even contradictory about Clarke's statement. He simply applauded the NHL's announcement that coaches and managers would be held partially accountable for actions of their players on the ice. At last check, that included him.

If Clarke had said, as Dave Carlson when asked to comment on a juvenile stick swinging incident, "well, the kid probably had it coming anyway; bad upbringing and all" or "the NHL should really re-think it's stance on this one, because guys like Somik, Timander, and Steve Moore should have been prepared to defend themselves; the NHL doesn't need rules like this," he would have been hung in effigy.

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