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Originally Posted by TiesAreLikeWins 2 Us
Look, in the past I have said bad things about Andy Murray. It was just out of anger. Punchy, come on now AM is a great coach. Nobody was complaining when we were in the playoffs. Everyone though AM was Coach of the Year. Look Punchy to get this far in the year, through all the adversity, and STILL have a chance! STILL! STILL! How the hell are you going to tell me that Andy is a bad coach? Andy is great.

I never said Andy is a bad coach. In fact, i have said again and again he is a brilliant coach. My reasons for having such disdain towards him lately has nothing to do with his game plan or his ability to impliment it.

My problem with him and the facts back me up, is that he has no skill at asset management and that he, like lots of coaches (most I reckon) play favourites but they, will back down if it means winning.

Andy doesn't.

Take these four players alone for example.

1. Anson Carter. Andy has said how much he would love to have him on our team and how much Anson brings to the game for three seasons now. ( I believe since Anson were such a critical piece of Andys world cup) Andy gets Anson on the team. Fine. Since coming here Anson only trails Andys other favorite player, Eric Belanger in their total lack of production and cost to the chances of the our teams getting a win.

He is a -5 since joining the team. He has produced *1* point. He is averaging over 17 mins per game. An astonishing stat though is that HE has been on the ice as has Belanger when the other team scored the game winning goal in *6!!!!!* of the 7 games we lost!

He has done nothing BUT drag down Frolovs point production when paired with him as well as anyone he is set with. Avery/Lappy when paired with Anson (where he had his only point) saw themselves go minus two during the time he were on the their line.

Anson IS the reason that Frolov stopped producing points (when paired) as much as anything and yet, Anson sees an increase in Ice time while Frolov sits.

2. Eric Belanger. Another of Andys favourites. Eric is now an astonishing -*18!!!!* on one of the best defencive teams in the game as far as system and "coaching" is concerned. He leads the team (here is the important bit) And his LineMates in that stat by a staggering -16 to in Averys case a mind blowing *-20!!!!!*!

Yet, Eric remains in the game. Now, if his line mates also had rubbish plus minus stats or were seeing allot less ice time, you could understand it. That isn't the case. Eric is used in ways that they aren't and has failed at every one of them.

Andy uses words like "team" and "accountability" and says things like "we play a what have you done for me lately business" and yet, benches his talented hard working players who actually have produced for him in favour of these two who have not only cost their team wins by literally being responsible (on the ice) for that amazing 6 of seven game winning goals against us.

Andy punishes players who speak out of their frustrations to the press and yet, a man who considers his self one of the team, goes out and bashes the more fragile young egos of players who have bled and died on the ice for him, their team mate.

3. Alexander Frolov. He is 21. He started the season on our checking line after showing how brilliantly he is capable of playing with Ziggy at the end of last year. Yet, like last year (and this) Frolov has proven as ALL young players do, that it takes them a little while to learn where their new center will be.

Case in point, when given the time (only due to injury even though Frolov had proven he was more than capable of scoring significant points as well as being our teams second leading +/- player while averaging less than 13 mins a game on our "energy" line) to learn a player as average as Stumpels characteristics he not only started scoring on a rip, he also made Stumpel, at times look brilliant. Take Frolov off of his line, Stumpel falls apart.

Instead of giving the lad who is responsible for damned near 50 points and the team leading two way game (after ziggy) a chance to learn the habbits of the more then struggling Carter, he messes about with him even more and then, calls into question his work ethic IN THE PRESS as he benches him talking about accountability.

Andy asks SOME of his players to live up to a level of accountability that HE his self, as well as his struggling favorites, and Frolovs team mates by the way, will NEVER be asked to do.

4. Tim Gleason. I don't have the time to go into such a windbagged example with him buy, take a look at our record and play when he were allowed to get his feet at the NHL level and left alone. Hell, my best example with him is that he took Zizka (another of Andys daft leave ins who deserved more than ever to be sent down time and again) from dog to hog. Thats right, instead of giving Gleason a defencive partner that he could succeed with, he places him with the worst defenceman on our team, does Gleason fold? Not likely, he instead becomes a stalwart back there and makes Zizka become an effective defenceman.

Does Andy reward this lad for being "accountable" to his team org and its fans? NO. He pulls a Frolov and uses the "we need our veterans" bit and sends him to the bench. When Gleason can't step in and be Bobby bleeding Orr he sends him down.

He then gives him the duncan routine (yoyo) until he loses his legs and struggles a little.

Nathan Dempsey has the worst plus minus and has been only average at best with one games exception where he scored three points. His plus minus is rubbish as well.

My point is this, Andy IS a right brilliant coach. A brilliant coach who, for whatever reason, has shown no ability to get our team past the first round of the playoffs but one time.

He has done a miserable job at managing our talented youth by sending them so many mixed messages that the only reason they succeed is that they have the talent to do so and in spite of Accountability Andys side show.

Put Frolov on most ANY team and he not only wins the Calder but, continues with is brilliant two way game (that Andy had naught if any to do with as Frolov has been a plus since his first game with us, that aint Andys doing) and is likely in the NHL all star game this year.

The reason to move him along is we are about to be blessed with MANY young great players. What will Andy do with them? I reckon DT will trade them for more Anson Carter types (I love DT but have to ask what made him give away Aulin for a pending UFA) so that we can continue to end up picking more of our mid first round blue light specials to continue the cycle until something finally snaps.

What happens with Squid next year? Grebeshkov? I bet you what you want that Carter is re-singed as well as Modry too. Dempsey as well will be here (though he shouldn't all things considered) as well. What to do with Corvo,Zizka,Gleason,Grebeshkov,Rome? What to do with Barney? I mean, at this stage, are you dead confident that Andy, a brilliant coach at developing a game plan can actually be counted on to bring our talented youth into our team and NOT single out his useless favourites again?

It is a fact that kids, as well as vets but more so the lads have fragile egos. Look at Frolov, the kid has a bloody smile on his face all of the time. Ask yourself, over the last ten games, did you see Frolov doing anything that wasn't part of him giving his all?

I didn't. Especially not when you compare him to what Carter/Stumpel/Luc(sorry mate but Luc hasn't been all that great the last few games either)Belanger and a couple of others that are being rewarded with ice time tonight.

Andy has lost touch with his team. This last stretch proves it. He has only had success when he has had players who are playing out of fear for their NHL lives. That is only good enough to get you in a position to win, unfortunately, it isn't enough to win you a cup or I wouldn't be posting this.

It has been a long enough time in my opinion for this great coach to get another chance and for our team to as well. It isn't that Andy won't go on to success, it is that he isn't looking like someone who will do it here.

That is all that matters to me.

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