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11-19-2007, 10:12 PM
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How are you doing the stretch? Like sitting in a chair and turning the shoulders to kind of crack the back? if so, I have been told by my specialists and chiropractor to NOT do that. Same thing in regards to turning to retrieve an item from the back seat of the car.

You may have a herniation. many many people do and its not a problem. Do you recall lifting or turning and getting a quick short sharp pain that went away quickly? You may have just kind of tweaked the sciatic. It can take a while for it to mellow out.

I would urge you to seek a chiropractor. IF one will work on you with out x-rays in hand or ordering them, do not use them. What they did with me was a move refered to as "side posture tharapy". you can try a mellower version of it at home by youself.It should be PAIN FREE. IF your chiro causes you pain, find a new one....

I hope the description I give is good enough....

lay on a long couch facing the backrest or into the couch. bend the bottom leg at the knee until your ankle is at your upper legs knee or slightly above. basically a fig. 4 keeping the upper leg straight. take your lower arm and bend up across your chest, gently tucking your hand under the upper arm at the arm pit. Try to keep that arm relaxed.

lower meaning the side your laying on.......

now the tricky part.....

with the upper arm, slip your hand down between the seat and back rest of the couch. feeling inside to the framing you should be able to find a place to get a decent grip with the hand. Like looking for a lost item inside the couch, if that helps.....

now gently allow your body weight to slide off the front of the couch so that the pressure is applied to your bent knee as your chest rotates to face down on the couch.

try to relax everything except your hand gripped on the couch frame. Let your weight do the work. dont want a sharp fast motion. Do not allow yourself to flop into a chair or seat. This type of impact can also increase the pain. You might find the stretch best done after coming home from work. IF you have a long commute or sit at a desk, take a short 15 minute walk and then try the stretch. This is not a morning stretch.

also check out for more stretches and daily excercises.

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