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Originally Posted by ZaphodBeeblebrox View Post
Cash was traded to make room for Riksman. I'm as confident as any speculator who has no inside ties to the Blues organization or any of their prospects can be. I am taking my information from what I have read IB post in the past in regards to Barulin. Do I have to preface all of my posts with "I am guessing"? or can we all assume that it is there for anyone not officially or unofficially affiliated with an NHL team, scout or other source.
I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about what you said on page 2 of this thread when Riksman came over to said, "I hope he enjoys Alaska."

No you don't have to say "I'm guessing" on your posts...But Zaphod, don't tell me "to do the math" on Barulin ONLY coming to America "only if he gets a #1 job in the NHL" like that will never ever change down the road. When you were so positive that Riksman was going to Alaska and Cash was staying in Peoria.

All I am saying is yes, odds are Barulin will never come over. But I just wanted to get Irish's take on if this will change Barulin's mind at all down the road with 2 more goalies out of our system.

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