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11-20-2007, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by TrustInJarmo View Post
I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about what you said on page 2 of this thread when Riksman came over to said, "I hope he enjoys Alaska."

No you don't have to say "I'm guessing" on your posts...But Zaphod, don't tell me "to do the math" on Barulin ONLY coming to America "only if he gets a #1 job in the NHL" like that will never ever change down the road. When you were so positive that Riksman was going to Alaska and Cash was staying in Peoria.

All I am saying is yes, odds are Barulin will never come over. But I just wanted to get Irish's take on if this will change Barulin's mind at all down the road with 2 more goalies out of our system.
Riksman played one game for the Riverman. I won't concede the point that he belonged in Alaska and wouldn't be surprised if he was told he was going down to Alaska thus his decision to head back to Europe.

If Cash were still in the system with the Blues, Riksman would be on his way to Alaska. JD decided to appease Riksman or appease Cash and traded Cash for a lottery ticket. A move we've been waiting for since the end of last season but were surprised when the return was as bad as it was.

Riksman plays one game in relief of Schwarz, gets bombed out of the building and what we know is that Riksman is on his way home and CBT, a tender we wrote out of our system is on his way to play backup to Schwarz.

I pay attention to much of what IB says and with the rules changing in Russia towards Russian goaltenders, I don't see why or how Barulin's stance would change. From what I've read from IB's comments on Barulin it has never been that the Blues have too much goaltending depth, its that he demands an NHL spot guaranteed with a 1-way contract. Losing Sanford, Cash and CBT from our depth chart has not changed that situation.

If you don't agree with my opinion, don't appreciate my opinion or just plain don't want to read what I write, there is an ignore button for a reason.

I don't predict the future, I comment as best I can on what the future holds. And I do it strictly as an armchair GM taking information I gleam from others on these boards, particularily I steal from IB liberally but never claim it is my own information.

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