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Originally Posted by Rapid_i_movemenT View Post

Can anyone recommend a good, comfortable neck guard? I don't care about the price.


Not only skate cut protection but also superb impact protection. Can be chilled or frozen prior to use for summer/floor/roller hockey. IF you provide the undergarment such as UA, Phil will build it custom. The great thing about maltese hockey is being able to talk to Phil Maltese, hash out the idea and he will make it a reality, in most cases.


The issue with neck guards VS mouth guards is that in USA hockeys "infinite wisdom" neck guards are not mandated where as mouth guards are. With most head injury the risk of "assuming room tempurature" in less than 240 seconds from injury is about ZERO. Ear protection is part of the certification process for a helmet yet the neck has NO MANDATE. Does this make sense? A puck impact to the throat can crush and a runner can drain you out in time counted in seconds till the heart stops yet we have to have the ears protected from impact , a bit of plastic between the upper and lower jaw. Does this make sense?

USA goes to great length to insure the head is protected yet the part that attaches it to the body can be wide open. The one part of the body where there is rarely anything MINOR about it when a runner makes contact. I would dare say that compliance on the mouth guards with in USA hockey is near 100% yet the number of head injuries/concussion is still VERY high. Would making a head check an automatic 2/10/Game curb the number of head injuries? I would futher dare say that simple rules change would be more effective at reducing head injury than all the mouth guards worn by the 100.000+ youth players in the USA.

It is backward thinking that places a neck guard low on the "safety" list that will result in DEATH. Just one death, that a mandate by USA hockey might have been able to prevent. It will take this death for USA to get its head out of is ARSE. IT very well could have been my own son as a squirt minor but I had the common sense to make sure my child was protected, where USA hockey has failed its members.

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