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03-30-2004, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by db23
Thanks Mike. Nice to be appreciated. Parise has been a top scorer at every level. No reason to presume that he won't do the same in the NHL. That Belarussian with the bad teeth and the ridiculous suit, on the other hand, has not produced at the top level. Not even on team that plays three or four players younger than he is. Either Kastitsyn has had an off year or you can kiss that pick goodbye.

It is one thing to blow a pick, but when it means passing over players like Parise, Dustin Brown, etc. then the people responsible should have to pay the price. Send Savard so far into the backwoods of rural Quebec than he can never screw up anything else remotely connected with the team again.
Thinking a player will be a top scorer in the NHL because they have been a top scorer at every level they've played at (NCAA and under) is flawed logic.

Presuming a player will not produce at the NHL level because they have failed to do so on a top team in the RSL is terribly flawed logic.

You have yet to bring any substance to any of your posts on these boards in your short time (under this alias) here. If you're going to make bold statements claiming a player was a bad draft pick then you need to present some objective commentary on said player's game. Stats don't count; they're irrelevant, especially when comparing NCAA to the RSL.

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