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03-30-2004, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Brown37
But like someone said, no matter what happens in the next 3 games, i'm proud of the Sabres. They've played hard. They've shown they care. They play like they want it. They might come up short, but i'm proud of them of just not laying down and dieing.
And win or lose, this is one NYI fan who says good for you.

You should be proud of your club's persistence. Though NYI is flawed, it too displayed fortitude through the long stretch when both Yashin and Parrish were out. NYI could have tanked and they would have had an excuse. They didn't. Some here (including Sabre fans, regrettably) were suggesting that team pack it on just a month ago! Professional athletes, at least the vast majority, did not get to where they are by being quitters, however.

Neither of the two teams are world-beaters for sure, but the idea is to win, and both are striving to do just that. Which is good for their fans.

Sure beats sitting around pathetically hoping that one's team falters so it has a chance to draft "this year's phenom". (Absolute losing mentality. )

Whoever is in 8th place Sunday night will have earned it. Any fans of neither team should be nervous...unless of course they were dumb enough to assume the race was over to begin with.

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