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03-30-2004, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by db23
So if you become the manager of the MacDonald's that you work at, or branch out in 25 years to open up your own "McPhee's", what would you think of some goof with crooked teeth wearing a clown suit coming in to apply for a job. Would you think, "Oh, great, this kid really has it together, must have a great background, when can you start?".
Well DB, if I ever achieve my lofty goals, rest assured that you won't be offerred the supersize option. I would welcome him with open arms if he could flip a burger better than the rest of my staff. I'd know this because I have an unerring eye for talent. I would suggest to him that he spend his bonus cheque on some dentistry and maybe stop at the haberdasher on the way back, though that would be optional as ther's no accounting for taste.

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