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Originally Posted by sc37 View Post
Lots of people.

Cause seriously, who wants to get arrested or sued for committing fraud? And FYI, sticks are replaced at the manufacturer's discretion based upon manufacturing defects, not normal use.
After reading Rbk warrenty you are correct. I live in Canada and consumers do not send defective product to the manufacturer, we merly return it to the retailer(the retailer then returns the defect). Perhaps because we are so hockey mental and our retailers deal in such high volume that these returns are never questioned. Provided the stick doesnt look like it has been cut with a hack saw. I assume this is why we have less difficulty getting the warrenty replacement.

I still dont think anyone would buy a used stick for that much, as soon as it touched the ice it lost at least 40% of its value.

And about your fraud comment..If a tree falls in the woods......

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