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11-23-2007, 09:24 AM
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1. $149.88 / eBay screen name: dixiegem / Preds board screen name: Laney
2. $49.96 / eBay screen name: 760anthonym / Preds board screen name: gawldarnit!
3. $40.00 / in-person transaction at game/ Preds board screen name: Trappdog
4. $30.00 / in-person transaction at game/ Preds board screen name: Legwand_rules
5. $10.98 / eBay screen name: lola_baggins

It's heating up in here!

[NOTE: in-person transactions were allowed today because they were not specifically disallowed in the rules and did not affect the outcome of the contest. The rules have now been modified to disallow in-person transactions after today. Today's in-person transactions will be considered valid. After this date, only transactions completed on eBay will be eligible. This is necessary due to the independent time-stamp eBay provides. This is essential to assure all participants that the contest winner bought items within the required time limits. Thanks for your understanding.]

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