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03-30-2004, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Cloudigger
I think no one argue that Parise is a good prospect.. what ppls here argue is that Kastitsyn is still a good pick .. even if Parise is a better ( maybe ) one... is it that hard... why .. why ... do we have to suffer ppl complainng about the habs not taking Parise... 16 other teams passed on Parise too... its not like Kastitsyn was allready a bust.. we dont know that yet ... so in 10 year if Parise had a better carreer then Kastitsyn yes ppl can say A.K pick was a mistake... and you can go tell that to other team that passed on him too...
Kastitsyn was a good pick had Parise not been there, but Parise looked and still looks like the better player, with as much if not more upside. Some of you have asked what has changed since draft day. I would say not a whole lot, and that is why the Habs made a mistake in passing on Parise. Parise was the better bet then and is the better bet to be successful now. A couple things have changed since then actually, Kastitsyn is more of a mystery now in how his development is going and Parise has been the MVP of the WJC's and one of college hockeys most gifted and successful players. I can't say whether or not the Kat's pick will be a mistake ten years down the road and I don't try to say that. What I AM saying is that on draft day it looked like a mistake then and it still looks like a mistake now. Parise is beginning his NHL career now as one of the most highly regarded prospects in the game, and what is Kats doing? And I love Kastitsyn, I thought he had great upside and I still think that. Even so, I felt that Parise was the better pick to make and I still feel that he was a steal now. You're not alone guys, I thought Parise should have been gone before Montreal even got to the table.

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