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03-30-2004, 06:29 PM
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what an f'ing waste of a trade this is becoming. Let's just see what CJ has done with Kovalev:

- First game on RW with Koivu and Zed. Gets injured 20 minutes in.

- Comes back on the LW with Ryder and Ribs

- Plays 2 more games with Ryder and Ribs

- Against the Devils, sees Dagenais on his line instead of Ryder(can't recall who was playing what wing anymore)

- Against Buffalo, Kovalev back with K and Z except on LW now

- The night after, against Ottawa, he's playing LW on a 3rd line with Dowd and Ward

- Saturday, back with Ryder and Ribs

and now this.

This is just too much movement for a player who has to learn a completely different system, new teammates, regain his confidence, get back into good physical shape AND recuperate from a bad shoulder. No wonder he's struggling.

CJ must stop the juggling. Enough is enough. Kovalev will never be put in a position to suceed at this rate.

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