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03-30-2004, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Big M1ke
I really don't believe that putting Kovalev on a thrid line will help him get out of his bad streak. Honestly, you don't put a player like Kovalev on a 3rd line when you have players like Perreault and Dagenais on the top 2 lines. I really don't like the way Julien is thinking right now about his line changes involving Kovy. He has to play alot with the same linemates if he wants to create some chemistry with them and that's why he should have stayed with the Ribeiro line (or Koivu's line) since last week and to the end of the year.

Kovalev only needs time, and we don't have alot until the playoffs starts, so why CJ took this decision?
By puting kovalev on the 3rd line it might wake him up.

Julien has made decisions like this one all year and he was allways being question about them but some how allways manage to get his team on the right track again.

I for one am happy that we finaly have a coach that is not afraid of making line changes when a player is struglin. Especialy when its a star player like kovalev. Julien is the type of coach that wont take crap from no one, even if his name is kovalev,zednik,koivu,ribeiro. Its the type of coach we've been missing in montreal for the past 6 years.

I stil believe that kovalev well find his touch before the playoffs but some one has to wake him up and maybe its by puting him on the 3rd line for a couple of games.

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