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11-24-2007, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Draft Turris View Post
American micros are better than what? Canadian generic? Cause I'm highly doubting that you've tried all the Canadian (or American for that matter) micros. And comparing generic to something crafted in small batches by someone who actually cares how it tastes is hardly a fair comparison at all. Both countries make great micros IMO.

As for generic...are ANY of them actually great?
i'll stand by that statement.

they also own most UK beers.

have i tried them all? no, but I've had a pretty good sample from all over through the years... US, Canadian, UK, Belgian, German, and Czech.

my favorite area is the US Pacific Northwest, which I think owns the rest of North America... and sadly, I don't get to drink nearly enough of. really want to make it out for their beer festival some time. nor does my statement imply that there is no good beer in Canada, just that it has a grossly overrated opinion about it because it is largely compared to Bud, Miller, etc. in the US.

and, for the record, i don't drink "generic" beers all that much.

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