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Originally Posted by thrillhous View Post
Actually, Unibroue is very much a belgian beer except it doesn't actually come from the country of Belgium. It even uses a lot of ingredients that are actually from Belgium. The yeast in Unibroue products are really what differs it from true belgians.

We also get a ton of belgians in Edmonton and I've tried more than 200 of them. To be honest I'd rather have a Unibroue than a lot of the originals. So no, I'm not "reliant" on micros.
it's fake belgian no matter how you swing it... it's Canadians imitating belgian brewery techniques. nothing wrong with it, but it's not the original thing.

neat that Edmonton is getting 'em. Philadelphia is the largest consumer of Belgian beer in the world outside of Belgium. the first keg of Chimay ever tapped outside of its home nation was at 16th and Spruce... just saying, it's easy to find the belgian stuff here... it's actually getting comical how many belgian beer restaurants are popping up in the city.

and, yeah, unibroue makes some good stuff... but i'd still have the leffe's and whatnot of the belgian world... just like i'd rather have the german beer from Munich as opposed to some brewery in North America.

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