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03-31-2004, 09:03 AM
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Question for Habs fans

Hi, i'm a Bruins fans and i want to know something. I read a lot of people talking about Raycroft and the playoffs saying he hasn't prove anything yet in the playoffs and saying that could be a flaw in the Bruins game. While it is true he hasn't prove anything in the playoffs, he hasn't been given the chance to prove anything YET. But don't worry, he isn't any Dafoe...

The question i have to ask is: Do you think Théodore proved something in the playoffs?

He won by himself the last two games against the Bruins but the first four games of the Bruins series and the last 3 against Carolina he was horrible. He also finished over 3.00gaa in those playoffs if i remember correctly.

So, how can the people who question Raycroft hability to play like he has in the regular season because he is a rookie give a free pass to Théo while his playoff record is not as good as you can think it is when you hear people talk about him?

Granted Raycroft didn't prove anything (in fact he didn't have the chance yet...) but Théo proved he can be excellent or very bad... If that is a proven playoff goalie, than who isn't?


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