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Originally Posted by willfenix View Post
Hey everybody. I'm a 22 year old male playing in the A (top) league for the local adult hockey rec league in my city. It's fun but I've been interested in getting into some better competition - we only have games on Sunday and it's very loosely organized, no practices or anything. I know that for the level I'm playing at I am at least good enough to take a step up into a league that has checking and is a little more intense, hopefully something where there are practices and it's more of a competitive team environment rather than what seems like an organized pickup league. I live in the Chicago area. I'm just wondering what is generally the next step up, I keep hearing about beer leagues and stuff and was curious to get more info. Thanks for your time, hope to hear back.
I think you're already in a 'beer league'.
In Canada, the only step up for someone your age would be Senior A hockey. It's semi-pro where teams compete for the Allen Cup. There are many retired NHLers that play in this league including the Courtnall brothers and up to a couple of years ago Rick Vaive. I believe Pat Falloon even won an Allen Cup championship a few years ago with a team in Quebec.

Other than that, it's beer leagues for you. The only thing separating one beer league from another is talent and organization. If you don't like the one you're in, find another.

EDIT: Found these on the web:

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