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11-26-2007, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by vopatsrash View Post
I feel like they should consider hiring two people for the job. A local veteran of the good ol' boy network that can do exactly as stated above and a second hockey veteran that knows the sport that can be a liaison to the hardcore fans and instill progressive thought into marketing and ticket sales (sort of a Violetta that never speaks in public).

I think it's interesting that the two posters that get to go on trips with the team (handtrick and pred303) have both posted that they think Violetta is a good guy when theyíve met him. Almost all of the posts Iíve seen of people from the outside that have never met him and only experience him on 104.5 or the Tennessean pretty much despise Violetta. I think thatís an interesting dynamic and it tells me that the franchise could probably use a Violetta-type behind the scenes, but should not have a Violetta-type dealing with the media and local businesses.

Granted, itís not cheap to hire two executives to do the job that many teams hire one to do. But I donít want them to hire only Violetta-lite or only Belle Meade Old Nashville Money Backslapper X. Maybe they are not exclusive and thereís a hockey marketing savvy, Nashville-savvy guy/gal out there, but I fear it will always be one extreme or the other. In the spot weíre in now, Iíd rather have what handtrick described and solidify the corporate support in the short term. Thatís the immediate key to survival.

However, the best way, imo, to solidify the market in the long run is marketing the sport to families, getting kids playing hockey, thus increasing the hockey IQ of the market as they grow, and getting more future managers to choose the Preds when they budget their corporate entertainment without having to coddle because they didnít grow up with hockey. Can ďthe backslapperĒ do that? Itís important to take care of the present, but not by completely ignoring the future. That will be an interesting challenge for Freeman as this market hopefully begins to stabilize.
good post vopats....I don't know the Nashville business community well enough to know if there is one of those combo guys that you are talking about around....I would doubt it....and the expense of two is not ideal as well.

I wonder if some previous player that has settled in the community [like a Jim McKenzie] or a previous one [like Greg Johnson] could be enticed to have a liason type of position [wouldn't even have to be full-time, if they had another main job that they are doing] that wouldn't break the bank......

don't know, just kinda thinking out loud....

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