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We ate beef and shrimp.
October 29, 2007.

Danny Bois and Greg Amadio, my teammates, are renting a house together. And they decided to invite Ilja Zubov and me over. Asked us what we’d like to eat. We chose beef and shrimp. The guys said okay, and set the time.

Had a good time, a good meal, and watched hockey together. Ilja was more involved in conversation. After all, he has a better grasp on English. I tried saying some things, didn’t shy away, but it’s not coming out that well yet. But we’ve established normal relationships with all the guys on the team.

I was told that during some teams’ practices sometimes even fights happen. We don’t have that. Why do they mostly occur? Somebody played someone else too harshly. Or shot the goalie in the mask, for example. But you come up and apologize, and everything’s fine.

I’m studying English. Remember I was saying how we went to the English lessons and didn’t like it much? Well, it’s all right now. We’re going to the same place, we have no complaints now. We’re being taught what we need. They make us learn a phrase, first by speaking it, then explaining its meaning.

Trying to learn how to write and read. I’m having an easier time reading. They don’t write much about the team here. Well, just report news. By the way, when we arrived in Binghamton the local newspaper printed our photo on the first page. I didn’t save the newspaper, but Ilja Zubov has a copy somewhere. And recently they wrote that a tough guy from the big team we sent down to us. He’s got an arm injury, and he’s recuperating here.

And from our team two guys were sent away, Tomas Kudelka and Jim McKenzie. It happened so fast. They were called in, something was explained to them, and they were gone. For the practice the guys weren’t there. At first I didn’t even notice their absence. Ilja Zubov told me about this later.

Also I want to get back to our trip to Norfolk, the farthest for our team. I have to say, we never even saw our baggage. We don’t carry it around, don’t do anything with it. We get to the locker room, all the stuff is ready. Amazing.

The days are still monotonous. Practice. Then sleep. We go out for dinner someplace, for lunch. But no real entertainment. With my first paycheck that I received October 15 I bought an iPhone. That’s all I really need. Speaking of which, the next payday is October 30. Do I need to say that there are no delays here?

We watch television. Not too closely, it’s there in the background. Although whenever baseball starts, we turn it off. It’s a very boring game. But we do watch football. I still haven’t picked a team for which I could root. I watch impartially. Read news on the Internet, and that’s about it. Whatever is happening in the country, aside from hockey, doesn’t interest me. Why should I worry about unnecessary problems?

My favorite thing to do now is practice. I await them and always participate with great attitude. It’s interesting to me. To be honest, I get a little sad when the practice is over.

I was told they don’t like Russians in the Ottawa system. They were scaring me with this when I was going over. But I have noticed nothing of the sort. You play, you give it your all, and people have an excellent attitude towards you. Perhaps someone had different situations. But I’m happy with everything. The only thing remaining is making it to the NHL.

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