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03-31-2004, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Not to be picky or anything....but that was Kyle McLaren, and not the Boston Bruins.

Oh, but I'd love the Broons in the first round. Should make for exciting hockey, although no matter the winner, I would think that, unless the Habs meet the Leafs later on, everything else will be anti-climatic.

Rivalries. The NHL has all but neutred most of them. Shame, because when you see two teams that hate each other playing, it makes it all the sweeter. Just harken back, for a moment, to the days when the Habs met the Nordiques. Short-lived, perhaps, but it might have been the biggest rivalry in sports. I know I've been told by many fans of other teams and other sports that they always wished the rivalries of their team could come close to matching the Hab-Dique rivalry.

Hopefully when they redo the sked after the new CBA they'll have the brainpower to make more of these great matchups. I don't care about missing Phoenix or Atlanta, I want to see more Boston, more Toronto. I want to see more Edmo-Calgary matchups. More Isles/Rag$/Devils encounters. Those games end up being playoff intensity encounters even if they're in the first week of the season.

You want to know why I like Boston? *That's* why. It's why I liked the Nordiques as well. Hated them more than anything on the planet, but loved 'em as well - if you can follow that. Now, Toronto I hate for an altogether different reason, but I still love the rivalry.

Bring on the Bruins and let it go to seven, every game in overtime. The Leafs in the second round. Philly in the third, since at least we have a little history with them. Detroit in the finals. Tampa? Don't care a whit. Ottawa? Maybe in a few years, but now? Dallas? They don't have snow all year, that's not a hockey city.

Who's growing their beards? Let's hear the rituals.

I dont think half the guys here are old enough to grow beards :lol

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