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03-31-2004, 08:54 AM
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I was at the game last night as a guest of the Albany River Rats (don't ask). Here are my impressions:

-The Brendon Bryne Arena has VERY good food. The drinks in the Winners restaurant are HUGE.

-Devils fans are TERRIBLE. The guys sitting behind me had really no clue about the game.

-Lundmark played like crap. The first PP goal was directly a result of him falling down and taking out Tyutin??? I couldn't see who he slid into.

-McAllister is big, mean, and finishes his checks. I think he could be a Beukeboom type player.

-The young guys were FLYING. M. Green, J. Green, Murray, Pock, Tyutin, all I think had strong games.

-Pock played a very solid defensive game. There were at least one or two times where he could've pinched to keep the puck in the offensive zone, but played smart and safe, and backed into a more defensive stance.

-The NYR were in the game until the third goal, and they just crumpled. I thought the foward lines didn't play well at all, but the defensive pairings for the most part were strong.

-The Jagr-Holik-Hlavac line is just dumb. Hlavac looks like he's auditioning for the NYC ballet. Holik never once drove to the net, and rarely finished a check.

-I have NO idea what the bench minor at the beginning of the 3rd was about.

-Devils fans have no class, there were mostly silence, boos, and few scattered claps as Purinton limped off the ice.

-Line changes were an abomination.

-The referees sucked, and the "clipping" call agaist Tyutin was a joke.

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