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11-26-2007, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by MattyW View Post
My brother plays high school ice hockey and being that I used to play when I was in HS, I am like the assistant coach because I know a lot of the kids and the coach asked me to come down and help out with practices and stuff. We had a situation the other night during the final minute of the game where the coach disagreed with me and this can also apply to the NHL so I was wondering what you guys' take would be.

The situation: you are up by 1 goal with a little more than a minute to play. The opposing team is getting ready to pull the goalie to get the 6 on 5. My opinion was to tell the kids, the first legit scoring opportunity the other team has in our zone, haul them down, tackle them, do whatever you can and take the penalty. That way, we are free to ice the puck and take a huge chunk of time off the clock. The coach disagreed, told us not to take the penalty. Now it is US high school, so the kids are not very good at this level, the other team couldnt get the puck in the zone anyway, and we wound up winning.

Now in the NHL, there is a big difference because when you ice, obviously you cannot change, so taking the penalty allows you to legally ice the puck without compunction. However, you are also putting yourself in a 2 man disadvantage, but I feel the ability to ice is paramount to the man advantage.

What is your take on this? What would you do if you were an NHL coach?

Taking the penalty would also allow your guys to try and dump the puck into an empty net. At the HS level with about a minute or so might be worth a shot. Think of this way. You dump that puck out and come close to the net. The other team may not be as aggressive as they need to be, or should be.

It's risky, but it's not all that crazy. I might give a shot if I were in that situation. At the NHL level. The only way I would consider something like this would be if there were less then 30 seconds on the clock.

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