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03-31-2004, 10:01 AM
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Sandy didn't suck...

in the three seasons here. He wasn't the enforcer we all wanted him to be, but he didn't suck WHEN HE WAS HERE. Sorry for the caps, needed to emphasize what I've said all season long, which was mostly an assessment of his time here.

As for anything else...who since the trade deadline is playing that great for the Rangers? This team is 2-9 (2-6-0-3) since the trade deadline. It's pretty messy out there. Heck, is one goal in 10 games really that bad for a fourth liner on a pretty bad team, if we're talking about production at all?

I did manage to miss the entire game. Saw Murray get into a fight - I like the kid so far. Glad to see the wonderful coaching staff is keeping the Hlavac-Holik-Jagr line together - they each played 19+ minutes last night (Holik 17+). Still, making sooo little sense. One, Hlavac even playing on the Rangers right now makes little sense. Two, Holik centering Jagr makes little sense. How 'bout looking for a checking line for next season? Could've tried Murray. Heck, could've tried Balej. Could've spread things out a bit. But no, we get Hlavac...69 games, 5 goals, what a freakin' joke!!!

As for Macallister...he's not Beuk material, in my opinion. He's a fine guy to have on a third pairing, and a fine guy to have as your seventh defenseman, but I don't think he's much more than that.

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