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Originally Posted by upshallrocks View Post
out of these 4 sticks which one is the most durable and light but still gives u a good wrist shot? also which flex should i get, i'm 5'11 and 130 lbs.

1. nike bauer one90 bauer vapor xxv
3. easton synergy sl
4. easton synergy elite
First off, don't listen to the previous replies.

Out of the choices given the most durable will be the one90. The XXV is too new to know how durable it will be as the new version of the XX but it will probably remain the second most durable in the group.

The SL and Elite are the same shaft with a different blade(reinforcement on the heel). The SL has horrible durability(as did the XXXlite) and the reinforced heel is supposed to help out the durability... In theory the SE will be more durable.

The SL/SE will have quicker releases and are lighter but they will also be less durable. The one90 and XXV will probably be best if you want something durable.

BUT how much are you looking to spend? The Synergy ST would be comparable to those NBH sticks. The CNT stealth was Easton's top of the line stick and has recently hit lower a lower pricepoint at a lot of retail shops. And of course you could always go "pro stock" if you're not worried about the warranty.

Currently my favorite stick is my pro stock TPS XN10(Scott Gomez is the only pro using the stick at this point), if you can find one I would highly recommend it. The TPS Response lite(R8) is also a great choice. There's a lot more quality sticks out there then there was a few years ago.

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