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03-31-2004, 10:43 AM
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honestly, at this point, i still say that any sather lead team will not do good! the coaching staff is a reflection of him! he will not hire the right coach again, and we'll suffer through another season like this because lil' jimmy just dosn't get it!! the game has past this dinosour by! plain and simple. case and point, messier! for all that he has done for this team, all the good has now come full circle. going from the pinacle of the sporting world to the joke of the league! he should be told there is no spot for him next year, but once again sather is showing his loyalty to a player and not the orginazation! this summer when the draft and free agency comes up, and sather dosn't do a good job, then what does the team do? this should've been nipped in the bud with sathers dismissal. he needed to go and the window of opportunity has passed because sather got out from behind the bench and probably bought himself a good two to three years without having to get fired. all he'll say is that he didn't get the right coach! i'm tired of him! he has done nothing to deserve this job, i want this team to finally cut the cord with edmonton and move in to a new! i know i'm rambling but i'm just tired of the way this orginazation has been run! i'm beaten down! i'm tired of baseball starting in april, i want to have the rangers playing meaningful games in the spring!! once again i'll say "eff you sather!" have a nice day!!

also with regard to messier, i love the man and give him the full respect he deserves. at the same time its time to cut the cord. if we can trade leetch, we can live without messier! if he still wants to play, i'd enjoy watching him play with leetch and leafs! at least they will be fighting for something and he can go out a winner, not like the last seven years!!

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