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11-27-2007, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Mojorisin View Post
First of all if you dont know what stick you should get or what flex for that matter your probaly paying way too much for your skill level. That being said durbaility is a really hard thing guage as it really does vary eg. I heard se/sl are very undurable(?) but my sl has lasted for over a year and the blade is just starting to go now. Other then that the one90 looks good. For flex probaly 85 for whippy up to however stiff you want. Pro stock sticks really are great and you can get good deals on them, especially on ebay and stuff.
There are those occasional people that seem to get extended times with their SL/SE/XXX lite and the like. It happens but anything could happen. Prospal is a top 20 point scorers in the league right now... ANYTHING can happen.

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