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11-27-2007, 05:19 PM
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what ever you do, be VERY careful with the liner. It is easy to cut. Dont walk on it, get it as level as possible before adding any water. DO NOT WALK ON THE LINER. Ours isa 40 x 80 but i dont htink they offer that large size any more.

Buy the foam sideing insulation backing for under house siding and glue two panels together to make the form they give a template for for support in uneven areas.

While your putting everything else together keep the snap on liner retainers in a warm area. IF you keep them outside they stiffen and its very hard to get them to snap on with out damaging the liner protectors and liner.

Do not install the red and blue lines they provide. They absorb sunlight and warm the ice. remove all items from the surface, including nets. They also heat up and will sink into the ice and refreeze at night.

get an attachement to fit a garden hose, for the sink faucet so you can use warm water for resurfacing and one of the metal scraper type shovels to use to clean off snow. The ice rake is a great investement, giving better, faster resurfacing.

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