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03-31-2004, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Janerixon

"Eric Lindros’ successful shoulder surgery guarantees his return as a Ranger; but what about Pavel Bure? It’s not inconceivable that a positive Summer of rehab could inspire the Russian Rocket to give it one more try!"

uhh lindros has a team option for what at least 8 million and possibly more, that will not be picked up, period end of discussion so get real. oh yeah bure has a team option as well for 11 million, yes 11 million and there is going to be some new cbs, but yeah bure may give it another go? does he even do any research or just think to himself, yeah lindros and bure, write about it? i cant stand stan

"Bobby Francis is being touted for the Rangers’ head-coaching slot by one East Coast team exec.

“Francis has the perfect disposition for that job,” the VP tells us."

i guess i could live with francis but he isnt even in my top 5 choices

1) robinson
2) Mcgill
3) Nolan
4) quenneville
5) maurice
Fischler is a bit more looney then he was 10 years ago, and that's saying a lot since he was looney then. The guy has been around the game forever, and studies the history of it. However, he writes about the current NHL for no other reason then the "Wow" factor and to create a little controversy or discussion.

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