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03-31-2004, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by #44_delivers
yeah looks like the whole team is playing tough and gritty with the best work ethic resontly while kovalez is the only one thats lazy, right?
8 goals in the last 6 games yeah its all kovalev's laziness, theodore let in 5 tonight why? becuase kovalevs lazy of coarse!
the true season is over the shab season is about to begin so we can already conclude that kovalev sucks and balej is the skating jesus, i mean who cares what he'll do in the playoffs its not that important anyways
No, the whole team in a slump but the topic if you look at it is about Kovalev, I was just discussing about it. 8 goals in the last 6 games, I mean if Kovalev was better, we would've more goals, yes. So far, Kovalev is in a slump and Balej shows a great deal of speed and sense of hockey (nice pass on Messier's goal) but this is only now and I'm no psychic, I just can comment on what I see right now, we'll see for the future.

You guys have to make the distinction between being dissatisfied with a player and wishing the best for our team, I wouldn't care for Kovalev play, now that would mean I don't care either for our Habs run in the playoffs.

Let's all care for our team, but let the fans have their own opinion as well.

One thing I agree with you all, put back Kovalev with Koivu and stop playing him with useless Juneau. Habs need to realize that they've acquired to become an important member of the team, treat him so and live or die with him but don't waste his or our time.

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