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11-29-2007, 03:33 PM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I have a problem with hydration where I never can tell ..
I force myself to drink now and it's improved my game, even if I don't crave water when I play.
Waffle, I have a similar story. I have played hockey at a competitive level for over 30 years. I always drank on the bench for the hell of it, because I figured I should. Sometimes, if bottles were scarce, I wouldn't and I saw no difference in my performance.

Then I took some advanced driving courses on a closed circuit. These are multiple sessions of 20 minutes each. They always tell us to stay hydrated between sessions. Because of my hockey experience, I thought "yeah whatever!"

So... here I am doing really well. Each session getting faster and more precise. Then in my 3rd lap of a session, I start losing the line, missing my brake points, turning in too early, too late.... my instructor tells me "pick it up or we are getting off the track". I manage to finish the session, but my ego is really bruised.

In the paddock, my instructor asks me if I drank enough water. It turns out I did not. Getting out of the car, my knees are shaky and my speech mumbled.

I drank 4 litres of water, stayed out of the sun, next session, I ripped it up.

I never thought that dehydration was a reality. But it is. Granted 20 minutes sessions of extreme focus is different then 60 second flat out shifts... but it made it painfully obvious, hydration is important.

This coach is an idiot. There is a differnce in not letting his players lose focus and waste time chatting at the "water cooler" and honestly re-hydrating.

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