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Originally Posted by Dangler87 View Post
Alright, so I have been playing varsity high school hockey all 4 years of my high school career, and not once, did my coach ever let us bring any water on the ice during practices. He would say that water is for the weak. We practice 4 times a week and have 2 games during a week, so we only have 1 day off to rest. For the first practice of the week, usually Monday, all we do for an hour and 10 minutes is hard skating back and forth, herbies (suicides), and other different variations of skating to the lines, stopping, skating back to another line, forward to another line, etc. And at the end of all our practices, we usually do 20 minutes of skating at the end.

I was just wondering if there were any suggestions on how to keep yourself completely hydrated so you don't end up becoming extremely thirsty while skating.

I do drink about 6 water bottles a day, but I mean, I am, and pretty sure everyone else on my team sure gets thirsty and dehydrated while doing hard skating.

If I could get some suggestions, that would be great. Thanks.
Start drinking a glass of water every 10 minutes, starting 4 hours before the practice.

Avoid urinating during this time.

Stop drinking water 1 hour before practise.

Make absolutely sure you do not urinate. This is important.

While you normally should always try to be one of the first on the ice, allow your teammates and coaches to go ahead of you onto the ice-stay in the dressing room.

Find the coach's shoes and piss on them.

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