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11-29-2007, 09:46 PM
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yawn.. just another ho hum win.. glad i could stay awake

an amazing game.. the unbelievable highs, the mind numbing lows.. a game for the ages for this franchise in terms of sheer excitement... i've seen us play far better, but i've never seen us play harder and with more determination.. had to be a knife in the heart if you are a senator fan..

...erat was an absolute monster out there. hard to believe the hockey this kid is playing these last 12 games. he easily could have had 6 assists and 3 goals in this one. just completely dominating.
...of course, dumont was as good himself. what a clutch steal, in a game where him and erat kept skating, even when ottawa had pretty well stopped to congratulate themselves for tieing it up..

what an unlikely night for a team that was 3-10 when we give up as many as only three goals... to give up 5 and win, stunning have three goals scored by defensemen. when in the first 22 games we only only scored 4 total

...the meszaros kick in goal for gelinas. wow. great center by tootoo though to cause it.

... them tieing that late, and then sending out a 4th liner mcammond to kill off the last few seconds and him make that horrible of a turnover to dumont... stupefying almost

...bonk and hamhuis.. both -3's.. and bonk played fairly well honestly

...hamhuis slashed badly on that turnover that led to their tieing goal.. but you knew a penalty wasn't going to be called then, not in that situation..

what can you say?.. a great win.. a great effort.. as wild a game as one will ever see.. this was exactly the up and down type of game they hoped they'd see every night when they put in the new rules.. a game that reminded me of how wild it used to be back in the early 80's, best way i can describe it

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