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11-30-2007, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Hank19 View Post
Well my rink is a disaster. Where I live you're lucky if you can get a weeks worth of pond hockey but the last 3 weeks have been terrific and yet I'm crying because of my stupid rink.

I got one of those Ice-N-Go kits and one thing they neglect to tell you is that your site has to be almost 100% level. You can only be off by maybe 1/4 inch.

The result is me watching the water roll off the back of my 'rink'. I tried shoveling snow and creating a snow frame. I even froze it. But it still looks horrible.

Next year I'll be building one out of barn planks. It just sucks because if I had done that from the get-go, I would have been skating with my 3 year old son by now.
The ice N go will take up to 9" out of level! there was a template included in the paper work to make the support forms. It was also coverd in the instruction book AND video that came with the kit. With twine and a line level you can get it all set, stuff straw under the lifted sections, between the support forms. I used the foam backing insulation for vinyl siding, glued two panels together and cut out the forms from hte template.

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