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11-30-2007, 07:02 PM
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This is from the 2005-2007 "points of emphasis" from USA hockey.


High sticking should always be treated the same, regardless of whether or not a player has facial protection. A small cut is not necessarily considered an injury. Officials are instructed to call a double minor penalty if injury occurs from an accidental high stick, or a major plus game ejection/game misconduct penalty if the injury was caused by a careless high stick. Spearing and butt-ending should also be called the same. If a player attempts to spear or buttend an opponent the officials should assess a minor plus misconduct penalty. If the player makes contact with his opponent the proper call should be a double minor plus game ejection or a major plus a game misconduct penalty.

Intent and delivery of the spear or butt-end should determine the correct application of this rule. These infractions may also be treated as attempt to injure or deliberate injury of an opponent.

Slashing will be called anytime the following occurs:

1. Any intimidating slashing or chopping motion to an opponent (regardless of what part of the body the stick contact is made).

2. Slashing or chopping an opponent that occurs above the waist, including the arm and hand area.

3. Slashing or chopping motions to an opponent where the aggressor’s hands are less than 18 inches apart.

These infractions are not a discussion point. Any coach/player who protests a stick infraction penalty may be assessed a bench minor/misconduct penalty."

So as we can see its not so cut and dried. What is determined to be an "injury" and the nature regarding accidental or careless is in the hands of the official. You also have the situation where the high stick/injury can be following a shot release....

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