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Originally Posted by SniperArchetype View Post
So I've been playing hockey for a few years informally (with friends, limited equipment, cheap sticks, no goalies) and have always loved it. A little while ago though, a bunch of my friends and I joined a league in a beginner division and that taught me how little I really knew about the game and basically opened my eyes..

So here's my problem: in a word, it's shooting the puck, and in particular, wrist shots. I have a pretty strong slap shot, and i'm one of the fastest guys on the ice, so getting into position is easy, but I've learned that my wrist shot is very weak - it has virtually no velocity behind it, and I can't figure out why.

I was wondering if any of you pro's here could give me some tips to practice, maybe some links or anything else that could help. For reference: I'm using a composite stick, I believe 87 flex (not 100%), I'm about 6'2", weight 195 lbs, and I'm fairly in shape so I don't think its a muscle issue.

Thanks for any help in advance
Ah, I think I can help. If your stick is indeed 87 flex or there abouts, and you're that big, then it's too soft for you. Same thing happened to me, I used a 75 flex stick then worked out one summer and when I came back to play I couldn't shoot at all, I got a new stick, 87 flex, and it was business as usual. Stiffer sticks are harder to flex but store a lot more energy in the flex they do get. This is why Chara uses a 120 stiff, or there abouts, he's so big and strong he can flex it enough to get crazy power. Good luck!

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