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12-01-2007, 09:04 AM
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If you are drinking a bottle of water in each of your classes throughout the day and replenishing it often, good for you! You are a smart athlete. Unfortunately, I would bet that less than 20% of the players on your team are properly hydrating each and every day. That means there are at least 12 skaters on your team who are doing serious damage to their muscles and internal organs every time they train. Kids cannot be expected to be experts on nutritional guidelines and the health needs of their bodies. That soda pop and McD's won't hurt, will it? No offense chap..but you are all teenagers who are still in the mind-set of, "I am invinsible. My body will rebound from anything I put it through." Obviously, your archaeic coach believes that same peice of garbage. Is he concerned about the health of his team? ...or the glory of winning the state championship? A championship title will look so much better on his resume than the acknowledgement of building the next generation of strong, healthy men. Listen to the advise from these other readers, but more importantnly, pay attention to your own gut feeling. Good luck my man!

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