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12-01-2007, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by leftofcenter View Post
The stick flex is true to a point. I get a better wrist shot with a stiff stick but better feel and snap/slap shots with my 75/77 (I'm medium ht and wt) so it's preference there.

The wrist shot is all about weight transfer - that is, from back leg to front leg - and the way in which you pull back the puck and release it - giving you the velocity you want. Wrists have to lock in at the last moment to give the final push (something that a lot of new and young players don't realize) It also is about the follow thru and where your stick shaft and blade toe is pointing (i.e. low for a low shot and higher (waist) for a rising shot). But I still go back to the weight transfer for the power which drives all the rest. Also, another thing is where the puck is on your blade: the puck should start from the heel of the blade and is essence roll off the blade as you release it toward the middle toe part (that's how the 'pancake' pass comes about).

I would go online and looks for some video tips (anyone know of any? could be a old or even a new thread). I know that HNIC does a lot of these tip videos with Ron maclean and NHL players. Go check it out.

The final thing, as Al MacInnis said about why he had such a boomer of a slap shot, is practice practice practice - even against the boards with one puck - work on technique first. I sometimes just go to where the blue line comes up the boards and use it as a target for my shots and passing

Good luck
Thanks a lot I appreciate the help.. I'll go check out some of those videos and see if I can work on it today

Thank you very much

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