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04-01-2004, 07:36 PM
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And Bill Ranford...

was a great goalie, right? Had a nice run, but I think he had some help from some teammates. And heck, TGO's teams werent' that bad...with Robitaille, Kurri and Blake in LA; Hull, Macinnis, Fuhr and Pronger in STL. And the Rangers were a healthy Messier away from at least competing against the Flyers in 1997.

On making Fedyk and Sweeney players...Fedyk scored four goals...what did TGO do again? And Sweeney spent most of his successful time on the left of Lafontaine. Gotta use different examples than that. And great, he can get Toms to score some goals (didn't he score a few goals with Mess on his right?). Where does that get anyone?

I think you're missing a point here. You seem to be basing your opinion on a player's ability to score points. To make others around him better. Which TGO did better than anybody - maybe even by far - doesn't mean because of that (and that's most all he brought), and that alone, he's hands-down the best ever. I'm basing my assessment on a total package. Mess did make people around him better - just ask Graves, and many, many others. And he brought an extra element to the game that TGO didn't. The package of Mess, in my opinion, is just as good. The 'lack' of offense from Mess is more than made up in many other intangibles, and his on-ice presence throughout his career.

If the year was 1988 and I was the GM of a team that's in a position to win the Cup and I can make one move, I acquire Messier over TGO. I'd rather go to war with Mess.

As for the unselfish comment...Mess' goal was to go to the playoffs with the Rangers. He's now a New Yorker, his heart is in New York and never left, and he wanted to finish his career a New Yorker. He failed in getting the team back to the playoffs, and wanted to skate off the Garden ice, like he did last night. He wanted to play with the future of the Rangers. Maybe give them some words of wisdom. Make the last few weeks a bit more enjoyable.

Heck, did Leetch want to leave? No, and if Sather gave him the opp. to stay or leave, he would've stayed. Why doesn't anybody question his desire to win? If the Rangers go through a true rebuild like everbody wanted, it'll be a couple years before Leetch sees the playoffs and he'll be near 40. Shouldn't he want an opportunity to be in a competitive environment again?

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