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04-01-2004, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
I like the forwards and goaltending we've got for the short to medium term. I really think we should plan for Brisebois' retirement. Seems like Komi will be ready to take over for Quintal, but when Brisebois is gone in a couple (I hope atleast 1 or 2 more) we'll have another hole on the right side. Rivet's not exactly young either, so I think a right defenseman should be the pick. That way, when Breeze is on his way out, we should have the next generation getting ready in the AHL. Honestly, I'd be happy with Souray, Markov, and Cube on the left for a few years, so nothing to do there. Everyone down in Hamilton is LH, so we're good for quite a while...

I've been looking around, but it's hard to tell which guys can/will play right d or not. It'd be nice if Wes O'Neill was still available.
The guy's huge, and putting up respectable numbers. Mike Green seems to fit the more offensive bill, and would also be a good pick.
Fransson is also fairly highly touted, but I am wishing for him in a
6'3 or 6'4 frame. Any other (ideally) RH d-men I should be looking
at that are top 1/2 round prospects?
Exactly what I think!!! We have so much good foward prospects and our left D seem O.K for many years. We need a legitimate right D. I would like to have Fransson because we need a good offensive D on the right side and with Souray, Komi, Bouillon and Rivet who are more Bruiser kind of player, we need some pure offence.

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