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04-01-2004, 09:41 PM
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I agree, Park...

you can't just look at indvidual scoring as a measure of greatness. TGO made some linemates better, and that's great and we all agree on that. I'll futher say that nobody's had his offensive magic, and most will agree with that. But while TGO was putting up points and helping linemates, Messier was creating an image on an entire team. He was focusing people on the task at hand. The game comes down to a score, yes, but it's how you get to that score and it must be done as a team. Like Park said, the Rangers don't win a Cup if you insert TGO for Messier - Messier held that team together. He motivated them. He didn't just make linemates better, he made an entire team better. He had them believing from day 1 that they were going to win a Cup. [note: I'm not giving him 100% for that, as there are other factors, but I believe he does more than TGO in this regard]. And since hockey's a team game and about winning, I go with the guy with great stats, but who makes not just whoever's on the ice with him at the time better, but the entire team.

See Kodiak, Mess was on the ice to score goals, yes, but he was also on the ice to intimidate. That said, he was in the organization to do more than both of those. He was the Captain, and many many people who have played with him will call him the Captain, which carries a bit more than just going out and getting the points - such as motivating so others get points too, and others stop the goals from coming in, etc.

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