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04-01-2004, 11:32 PM
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ok, so now, Julien cannot motivate. Incredible.

This overachieving bunch got to 10 games over .500, while everybody and its mother thought they would get to 13th in the conference or so.

The "system" is there because Julien knows this bunch ain't talented enough to play a more open style of game. This is not a 10 games over .500 team. It's a .500 team at best.

Julien cannot motivate. But he could motivate at the Q level and in the AHL. Go figure.

As for Carbonneau... give me a break. You would put an inexperienced coach behind this bench? Julien is a career head coach who made a living of winning championships. He's the best damn coach that has come thru our system since Pat Burns, and you want to get rid of him, because, according to you guys, he can't motivate.

One question: have you been in the locker room to write such nonsense, or you just listen to Michel Bergeron, who has a personnal dislike for Claude because Bergie has a thing for "motivational" coaches with no real hockey sense whatsoever, just like him. Thus is love affair with Michel Therrien. Another goon coach just like him.

You say that having players follow a system is easy? Are you kidding me? First of all, this is the first system that a Montreal hockey coach has put forth that has had any success since Pat Burns came in. Coaches here have been trying to put some sort of a system working for some years now, to no avail. Michel Therrien had no system whatsoever; heck, he had the guys playing a man-to-man game (while the lineup was comprised of smurfs, and while the rest of the league was playing more of a zone coverage...tells you a lot about Michel's knowledge of hockey strategy right there!).

Claude Julien is doing all he can with a very ordinary lineup. As for his use of Kovalev, he's doing the right thing, because Kovalev had been playing (up until tonight) some lame hockey. I expect Kovalev to jump back to one of the 2 top lines against Buffalo.

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