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04-01-2004, 11:00 PM
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[QUOTE=Don_Cherry]Hello Flyer fans. You'll be happy to know that I predict your team is coming out of the East. Heading into a weekend with two hockey drafts, I want some honest opinions by fans closest to the team on what type of output you expect from your players for the 04 Cup Run.

If you do go to the final, which of your players do you see contributing the most offensively? Who has been hot lately? Who has a good chance at catching fire and taking the bull by the horns to lead his team?

Of course I can look at the team scoring stats and make educated guesses, however I know the fans on this board have a true finger on the pulse of your team and you people know best.

Zhamnov for one, everybody is impressed with how he fit in and I think you're going to see a different player in the playoffs now that after so many years he is playing with talent and learning the players on the team. Hope Amonte's health isn't a big issue after tonight's game cause the two work well together.

Gagne is playing with confidence and, with the line balance, is less in the spotline and doesn't have the expectation of the fans to carry the team.

Primeau, as has been noted so many times already brings cohesion to the team's effort and just having him suited and playing some seems to make the team play better.

Kapanen may not put the points on the board but he's still wheeling with speed and determination this late in the season and is really putting everything into the forecheck. This could well lead to a key turnover goal or two in the P.O.'s.

Anything from Roenick would be a plus. His injury plus now playing on an unfamiliar line are big challenges to overcome. You never know, I don't count him out.

Leclair is not known for his playoff performance but working through adversity is what he is about and not being the go-to guy at this point, he might just surprise.

One longshot, Patrick Sharp, who is coming on well with limited icetime. Could surprise if the Flyers enjoy a long run.

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