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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
I started posting in another thread, but the other one might be, was just wanting some help with my snapshot....I try to hit the puck a couple of inches behind the puck, at about heel to mid-blade, then snap my wrists, but the puck doesn't lift off to wear I'm aiming my just passes along the ice.

I can do a wristshot fine, and adjust the height to wherever, and primarily roll it off the toe of my blade.

Am I meant to roll the puck to the top in a snapshot too? I've watched others, and no one else seems to (or maybe they're too fast for me to see), and it seems difficult to coordinate it all in a fast shot!

Hope there's some tips.
Sounds like you're doing it right, but just don't worry about "aiming" your stick to try and control where the puck is going. Keep your lower hand with the knuckles pointing down towards the ice before the shot, then as you shoot the puck snap it upwards so that your palm is facing towards the ceiling. Don't try to aim your stick to determine where the puck is going, just work on the motion and you will be able to gauge the accuracy based on how much you snap your wrists.

My snap shot isn't great from far out, but it is really effective in close. Also you can try doing like a half slap/half wrister type shot where you keep your stick blade about 6 inches to a foot behind the puck before you shoot, then just drag the blade a long the ice quickly and explode into the puck with a nice follow through. Its a really good shot for when you don't have time to wind up for a slapper.

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