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12-04-2007, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Dangler87 View Post
Well my coach has coached for about 30 + years I think, and he has won 6 state championship titles. He has been the coach of the year for several years.

I drink 6 water bottles a day, usually about 4 before practice, which is after school. And I agree with someone who posted it already, that my coach is like Denzel is "Remember the Titans", with the no water policy. During games we are surrounded by tons of water bottles, but during the practices, especially the hardcore non-stop sprinting, Herbies, etc., is when us players really need the water. For some reason as well, my coach doesn't allow any of the parents to watch us practice. I mean, that isn't bad, but maybe he doesn't want the parents to watch what he puts us through...just an idea haha. There are a total of 4 coaches on the ice, and none of them suggest water, so we can't really just blame it on him.
That sounds about right. Your coach drives his players to physical exhaustion (on the ice 6 days per week?) so they'll be stronger for their games. If anyone questions his methods he's got a whole lot of trophies to back him up. He's been lucky so far that nobody's been seriously hurt (I assume).

There's a saying that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But what if it does kill you? If you don't believe any of the posts in this thread then do your own research on the effects of dehydration. What your coach is doing isn't right. If the assistant coaches support him then they're fools. I'm not trying to be mean -- I'm really concerned for you and your team mates.

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