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04-02-2004, 06:39 AM
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problem is you cant simply go off skill.

if you're talking about pure skill messier probably isn't even in the top 20 alltime.

But as we all know this game is more than just "skill".

Orr was a tremendous player, but he didn't stay healthy and that HAS to be a factor.

Gretzky was awesome, but anyone who thinks Messier had a "better" supporting cast than Gretzky in LA is out of their gord. They both had their chance.

Hate to say it but Gretzky didn't lead anyone anywhere after leaving Edmonton. After Gretz left, you could argue Messier actually got BETTER if anything.

Howe I don't know if he would have survived as long in today's NHL. Not a knock on him, just how big the guys are and how fast the game is today.

For me, Messier is the guy i get to start a team. He is the guy who does a little bit of everything and IMO no one stepped up like Messier did and did for as long of a career as he did.

You really couldn't complain about any one of those players, but when push comes to shove I'll take Messier. I'll take the hybrid.

Messier took the greatness of all those other players and put into a single package.

He took Orr's rising to the occassion. A little bit of Gretzky scoring, and a little bit of Howe nastiness and he made his game.

There is no other player who could have taken this team to the cup, especially with all the pressure he had on him.

The man, for his career, was probably the player I'd want out there when a game was on the line.

it's strictly an opinion statement, but one could make a very valid argument for Messier being the best off all time. If you're looking at pure numbers or skills, than no. But taking a whole career into consideration, and every detail of being a hockey player, I think you wouldn't be crazy if you felt Messier was the man to pick.

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