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12-04-2007, 07:15 PM
Ducks tank is on!
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Originally Posted by kingpest19 View Post
They'll have to move somone. Neidermayer is under contract but because hes "suspended" by the team that money isnt accounted for in the cap. Once he comes back it is and the Ducks will be over the cap.
Except they've been operating at 44 million so far because Niedermayer's suspended space still takes up cap space temporarily. The Ducks have had to keep the cap space for him to come back at any time. If he returns the Ducks will be "over" the cap, but only because of Hiller's bonuses.

In fact, read the first sentence of the 4th paragraph of the original article.

"The Ducks do not have any salary cap issues this season that would prevent Niedermayer from re-joining the team."

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